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Auxilio / FAQ

Prices and exchange rate of the ads

The displayed prices along with the given currency are the original amount.
The values in parentheses are converted via the website.
When entering yachts, you can choose between different currencies.
The currency conversion values are updated daily.

SPAM protection

In order to provide spam protection for providers and customers, data are sent to the provider for queries, such as the location and / or the IP address.

The data thus recognized will ONLY be used for this purpose.
If we send feedbacks via SPAM Emails we will list them in a Blacklist.

FRAUD Protection

We keep a database in which all the fraud attempts we have experienced are laid out. In the case of a query, the query data is then matched with the data stock, and then an info is sent to a hit by e-mail.
To provide spam protection for providers and customers, data is sent to the provider, eg location and IP address.
The data thus recognized will ONLY be used for this purpose.


To list a boat you must be logged in.
After logging in, you will find all your ads under "Place ad" You can also find your contact details here and you can change them to customize your telephone number, for example.

Ad Pictures

You can upload images to your ad. These images must be in JPG, PNG or GIF. The size should be around 1600x1600 px. Too small images (less than 400 px) will reduce the success of your ad.

Larger pictures are automatically adapted by the website, only for large images longer loading times are to be expected.

You find a buyer and sell your boat assist by the page

You will find a buyer and sell your boat, supported by our website. Perfect, this is what the website is for. To continue offering this free service, we would appreciate a donation (for example with Paypal).

Android APP

The is also available as an Android app on Google PlayStore. The app is based on this website. All data is displayed on both systems. Boats can also be listed through the APP.

The installation is done through the Google Play Store: "Shipsnetwork"
After the installation, your smartphone / tablet will ask for permissions:
1. Access all networks
2. Access photos / media / files
3. Access the camera
4. Access to memory
If you allow the accesses you can list your ship for sale and upload pictures to it.
The website itself does not have access to your device!

Instructions and information for the website as PDF download

This guide is not available in all languages